Friday, June 29, 2012

i earned these calories

Chilling in my room, listening to Wale’s 90210. I’ve got class in about an hour. Making pizza for my host family for dinner. It’s a pretty relaxing afternoon.

  • I’ve forgotten to tell you all one of the most important details of my current life! Alison Elizabeth Mendoza Flores! That’s right, my host mom had her baby girl and I got a namesake! She is the most precious, amazing, little, bite-sized angel. She weighed only about four kilos when she was born but she’s growing quickly. Here’s a pic if you missed her on facebook:

  • I’ve started up some clubs for the kids in my town. Today is the first session with the secondary kids… a lot of them work afterschool in their houses or chacras, so we’ll see about the turnout. But I’m really excited about the primary school session. The first day 18 kids showed up. I’ve started a rhythm that I feel comfortable with – icebreaker/improve games to start out, read a storybook aloud/do a little bit of learning, then do a craft project roughly related to the book/lesson. I’ll be sure to take pictures to share with you.

  • I run the marathon on SUNDAY! Ah! I am too nervous to write anything else about it.

  • After the aforementioned activity I get to rest on the beaches of Pacasmayo and Huanchaco for Fourth of July vacations. I am super excited to see some of my favorite volunteers, eat pizza, get sunburned, and go TO THE MOVIES with my training partner-in-crime-and-stupidity (stupidity being training for a marathon at 9,000 feet).

  • I think there is a chicken in my room… is there a chicken in my room? Wait, I’m gonna go check… Okay I don’t see anything… Weird.

  • I never really told you guys much about Carnaval in Cajamarca, did I? Well, that was a mistake. Because it was AWESOME. One of the craziest experiences of my entire life, hands down. Imagine thousands of people storming the streets of a major city, throwing paint and water at everyone in their paths. No one is spared. People walk the streets in gangs, usually accompanied by a marching band and everyone is dancing and drinking and playing. It is a whole day event and the entire city gets into it. If you ever have a chance to come to Peru in March, you have to check it out. Plus Cajamarca is beautiful. Definitely going next year.

After the paint war.

 Cajamarca is super green.

  • THIRTY SEVEN kids ended up showing up to that primary art and reading club class. WAY too many. Success or fail? Erm...

That’s all for now folks, love you all.
Wish me luck on the marathon - I'll need it!


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