Saturday, March 17, 2012

i recieve payment in food

Oh man… it’s the start of the Peruvian school year (*remember I’m a youth development volunteer). And honestly (oh god, I’m totally jinxing myself) things have been going pretty well! I present my community diagnostic on Tuesday morning (ohgodohgodohgod).

Oh wait, I bet you guys have no idea what a community diagnostic is… okay so for the first 3-4 (…or 5, okay 6) months my time in site was dedicated to completing a diagnostic where you assess your community.

Wow this is sounding super boring. Just know that I assessed my community and its development opportunities (especially related to youth).

So yeah. Also I’ve realized it’s hard for gringas to get people to attend their meetings so, my plan – make the meeting/presentation as fun as possible! Games! American cookies! PowerPoint presentations!

That last one probably sounds like no fun to you city-folk, but dude. Multimedia high-five. Our school just got a second projector and a laptop and a real screen! Like one of those pull down ones! Uh, huh, you heard me right, a real screen! Does this mean educational movie-nights are in my future?! Yes please! (…dork)

So other than my diagnostic presentation, I also am starting my sex-ed and adolescent health classes on Monday! So. Psyched. Two times a week during “tutoria” – kind of like home room. Condom races here we come!

And I’ve been teaching my professors English. Which is going really great. Today they were throwing out sentences left and right. And they brought me a liter of yogurt, a liter of juice, and a huge package of crackers. I love having to receive payments in food.

Um… what else?

Oh! Today I got two pairs of St. Patrick’s day themed socks in the mail from my mom! One of the best surprises ever. I laughed all the way to the internet café. Although Danny Cackley’s letter I received last week might be the best. And coming in third was the hammentaschen Keren’s mom sent. Yum. How am I not Jewish yet?

Been missing friends a lot still. CESCA – Francesca Ioffreda is coming to visit me in late April and THEN (!) my parents arrive the day she leaves. I tear up just thinking about it.

Okay I’m bored and sleepy. This was such a weird blog post, sorry bout that. There’s a video blog coming up in a week or so…

Happy St. Patricks Day!

P.S. Sorry I'm not adding photos, internet is slow. Check the facebook if you want a photo update...

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