Friday, September 16, 2011

My best friend Ciprofloxacin


On Sunday I got sick for the first time in site. It sucked. A lot. I’ve been in bed for three days, I just got out and bought myself some knock-off Gatorade (Generade – pretty comparable actually). I was so super dehydrated last night – I think that was the worst part. My vision was so distorted I couldn’t see anything. I was secretly hoping that maybe I’d at least hallucinate something interesting, but no… alas, only blindness.

We do get rehydration salts in our med-kits but ask any Peace Corps volunteer – they are so so so awful. The last thing you want to put in your stomach which is emptying everything you put in it is salty water. Ugh… I drank almost a liter and then I just couldn’t anymore. I’m definitely stocking up on the Generade.

My host family really took care of me. They were really worried and although they wanted me to keep my door open to air out my room, they definitely respected my privacy. They cooked for me and checked up on me – it was so sweet. And then last night… Grandma Mamantuca passed the egg over me.

She what?


Passing the egg consists of taking an egg (in our case a very smelly – right out of the hen – egg) and rolling/dragging it across the body of the person who is ill while praying to God for that person’s well being. This should take away the illness. Then the egg is cracked into a glass of water and read to see what caused the illness. I apparently only had an “ojo” – an eye – meaning that someone gave me a bad look recently. So that was last night.

And I am feeling much better today…

Then again I also started taking the miracle drug Ciprofloxacin a few days ago, and I only have one pill left.

Local and scientific powers combined I guess.

…oh my God, that egg was so smelly.


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    aw man, i love reading your blog. hope you're doing much better now! thank goodness it wasn't serious enough for a cuy passing~