Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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So some of you may be curious as to what a typical day might be for me here in Pariahuanca. I’m not even going to give you the obnoxious typical Peace Corps response of “it depends” – because it really does. I’m just going to tell you how an ordinary day – like today – might go.

I was dreading just a bit going to the school this morning just because every time I go my principal gives me another long list of things that she wants and expects me to do for the school. So I sat in bed for an hour before I finally convinced myself that there were plenty of other wonderful things that happen when I go to the school and I got up and went.

I got to the school and went to the main office where I signed in – and sure enough the principal tried to make me feel bad for not being there often enough and gave me more things to add to my list. So. Frustrating. But you know, at least she’s animated about having me help out at the school.

So I got out of the main office as fast as I could to go help out Professor Justo – the secondary science teacher. He’s a pretty interesting guy and currently he’s working on taking 3 students to the science fair (we go tomorrow! I’m pumped!). So he had some of these kids parents helping build a dog house out of plastic bottles the students had collected from our ridiculously contaminated river.

We still needed photographs to present at the science fair so I was employed by Justo to photograph their project and go to the river with the students to photograph them picking up trash. So I went off on a mini field trip with the first grade of secondary (middle-school aged kids).

After the photo sesh I helped paint a variety of plants potted in recycled goods (I love the ones planted in baby rain boots). One of the three science fair student’s moms was there and she happens to be my friend Maritza who I help with an adult education class that she runs. So that was nice to have her company.

And then I went home and had a quick meal of oatmeal and went back to the colegio for the APAFA meeting (Peruvian PTA meeting). I had been warned that it would be a long meeting so I sat next to my host mom and her friend and settled in. I’m not going to bore you with the boring details but basically it was a lot of fighting between the municipality and the principal over a lack of funds for the construction of a new auditorium. After the fighting I awkwardly stood up and presented myself – taking advantage of the rare large crowd.

And now I’m back home – I just popped some fresh popcorn and finished reading some entries I downloaded of Beth’s blog (another volunteer who lives close by – its good reading btw if you’re interested – http://bethperu.blogspot.com/). I also read a bit of the Washington Post I downloaded on my Kindle. Thanks again Mom and Dad for convincing me to bring one. I’m loving it.

Okay, so there goes my slightly boring blog entry. I thought I owed you guys some more info on my life here. Anyways, that’s all for now. Oh, my next update might be from Lima since I chipped my tooth (when my friend Brice punched me in the face) and next week I have to go to the big city to get it fixed.

P.S. Brice didn’t really punch me in the face… He just accidentally hit my elbow. Jerk. Totally kidding, he feels really bad.

Love and miss you guys like always. Can’t wait for your visits!

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  1. wait... whaaat? how did Brice chip your tooth?? please explain...