Wednesday, July 6, 2011



PCV Ali Foley
Cuerpo de Paz
Casilla Postal 277
Serpost Huaraz, Ancash
Peru, South America

WOW! You want to mail me things?!
…omg I love you too!

No, seriously, if you want to send me things, it turns out I love receiving things – so I am MORE than happy to give you my address and a couple fun facts about mailing things to Peru.

1) Boxes = Dumb. Large envelopes are definitely the way to go for this one. And the size of the envelope really doesn’t seem to matter. There is a certain someone in our traning group who receives a new 2 foot-ish sized envelope about every day. Large plastic-y bubble wrap ones seem to work well.

2) Things to not send: electronics (little things like little games are fine I think, just don’t claim them as electronics per say), money, used clothes in mass amounts, anything above $100 in value, anything super valuable or super heavy (under 2.2 lbs I hear, but you can split it up into multiple packages if you want…).

3) Things that get stuck in customs are annoying and expensive to get out. When itemizing at the post office, estimate low costs.

4) Things usually take about 2 weeks to arrive.

5) I’ve heard writing “Que Dios te bendiga” all over the package and/or taping pictures of the Virgin Mary may help your package arrive safely. Decorate accordingly.

That being said. Here is my address for the next 6.5 weeks. As soon as I get my in-site address I’ll post it up here too. Go ahead and use this one until I can post the new one.

“Alison Foley” PCT
Cuerpo de Paz/Peru
Calle Via Lactea 132, Surco
Lima 33, Peru

Anything you send me will make my day, really. Things I do love though are magazines, chocolate chip cookies/assorted baked goods, PICTURES, chocolate candies, stickers, and anything else I can share with my host family and/or community. I’m sure this list will get longer once I’m in site, so I’ll keep you posted.


P.S. This post was definitely requested… I swear I’m not just hustling for American baked goods.


  1. More packages on the way--Dad

  2. If I send you something, will you send me something? hehe...