Sunday, June 26, 2011

bucket baths!


I'm here in Peru - working on making a vlog for you all - but for now I thought I'd give you a quick update! How are all of you?! My internet situation is pretty limited right now - so emails are probably the best way of getting in touch. I MISS ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!

So first of all, I thought you should all know that I (yup, me, Ali) am waking up at FIVE. Yes, you heard me right, FIVE in the morning. I live the furthest from our training center (I'm the highest up in Yanacoto, our host community for the first 3 months). It takes me about twenty minutes to walk down our 'cerro' to the bus stop (most people just take a mototaxi - google it). And then we wait about 10 minutes for a bus (called combis - I will probably be using this word a lot) and then its another 30 minutes to the training center.

And waking up early has allowed me to take successful BUCKET BATHS. And although I am craving a hot shower, I really look forward to my morning bucket bath. I think I'll take a photo of my beloved bucket to give you a better idea of wtf a bucket bath is.

...haha, yeah... i was just trying to upload a couple photos. right. i really need to find a faster connection. that will also have to wait till next time because i have run out of internet money! sorry! i promise another update asap! now i'm off to make pancakes with fried bananas for my host fam!

love and miss you all!

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  1. so i tried to post a picture of bucket bath but it won't let me so if anyone is curious go to the following link,,r:14,s:0&biw=1366&bih=667

    essentially bucket baths are awesome! hooray peru.